Advancement Operations

Types of Remittance

What defines a Gift, Pledge and Pledge Payment?


A one-time commitment with payment enclosed

Pledge (see requirements below)

A new commitment with payments into the future – no payment enclosed

Pledge Payment

A payment on an existing pledge (pledge # should be provided on remittal)

Pledge including Pledge Payment

A new commitment with multiple payments where the first payment is enclosed

Requirements for Booking a Pledge

In order for Alumni & Gift Services to book a pledge on BBCRM, one of the following criteria must be submitted along with the Pledge Remittal to confirm the
donor’s intent:

  1. Copy of Signed Donor Agreement (donor’s signature is all that is required)
  2. Copy of letter signed by the donor that outlines the commitment
  3. Copy of email communication with the donor, where the donor’s email address is apparent and the commitment is being confirmed
  4. First payment against pledge

Pledge commitments based on verbal confirmation only cannot be booked on BBCRM.

Please ensure all pledge remittals and supporting documentation are submitted to Alumni & Gift Services in a timely manner. This will assist in meeting donor’s expectations and demonstrates our commitment to high standards of service.

Other benefits to timely submission are:

  1. Consistency with Donor Agreement regarding payment schedules
  2. Pledge Reminder can be issued and mailed in a timely fashion
  3. Donor Recognition
  4. Campaign and Financial Reporting


Document Instructions

  1. Click on your required remittal form
  2. Save document to your computer, do not edit the document in your internet browser
  3. You can either print the form and fill out by hand or fill out the form digitally by following the instructions below
  4. Open in Adobe Reader or Acrobat
  5. Fill in all applicable fields
  6. Print form, if you have issues with printing your document, see troubleshooting below


If your printer prints out a blank form or blank page try one of the following:

  1. Go to file>>print, a dialog box will display. Select "Print in grayscale (black and white)" and print the document again
  2. Go to file>>print, a dialog box will display. Click the advanced button, in the popup box select: "Print As Image" and print the document again
  3. If you still experience issues check if your adobe reader is up to date by going to "Help" in the top menu and select "Check for Updates" if your software is not up-to-date, update your software and try again


Key Contact(s): Janice Van Der Klugt