Advancement Operations

Guidelines and Procedures for Charitable Gaming Licences


Western University has designated Advancement Operations to act as the central administrative unit for submitting applications for bingos, raffles and other lottery schemes for the various student groups and faculty initiatives. By providing a central system this will allow for the proper controls and accountability set out by the City's various by-laws.


The University will support only those initiatives that are in keeping with the overall aims of the University, with preference given to projects proposed by students and those that directly benefit the student experience. Initiatives must comply with the AGCO’s (Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario) definition of ‘charitable purpose’. For Western this may include support to the following areas: academic enrichment, research, scholarships and bursaries. The nature of the lottery or event must portray Western University in a positive light. There must be full compliance with the requirements of the gaming by-laws and there will be no financial liability to the University. Upon completion of the final report, 100% of the net proceeds must be directed to the designated charitable project or group.


All licensing requests for any lottery scheme are to be submitted to Advancement Operations. The University is only permitted to support one license at a time.  Although there are several types of licences available the most common request at Western is for raffles. The information below pertains to this type of lottery scheme using this form. Requests should be signed by the appropriate student group and/or faculty, and include all relevant materials (e.g., description of merchandise prize(s), letter of credit, sample of ticket, plan for sale of tickets or event).

Advancement Operations will submit an application for the licence on behalf of the group and/or faculty and will notify them as to whether the application has been approved or denied. All applications must include a cheque payable to the City Clerk's Office based on 3% of the total prize value. If approved, Advancement staff will act as the liaison with the City Clerk's office.

Advancement Operations will work with the designated individuals handling the lottery to ensure the required procedures for maintaining records and reporting are followed. The City Clerk's office reserves the right to revoke the licence at any given time if these procedures are not properly administered.

Advancement Services' specific responsibilities will include:

Students' and/or faculties' specific responsibilities will include:

Ticket sample requirements:

The ticket retained by the organization should display:

Key contact(s): Colleen Thody